College Captains

Over 3,590 college students from colleges and universities have served as College Captains for Great Minds in STEM™. These College Captains share their own experiences and college journey with the pre-college students they work with across the U.S. through the Viva Technology™ Program and the STEM-Up™ Initiative.

What Does a College Captain Do?
College Captains serve as near-peer role models during a Viva Technology™ or STEM-Up™ event. These activities can run from two hours to an entire school day. During this time, College Captains facilitate team dynamics in various STEM activities while sharing their college experience, career aspirations and technical knowledge as a student majoring in a STEM field. College Captains actively engage in guiding students through hands-on activities and mini-competitions. The expectation is that College Captains motivate students to view science and math as something that is fun and exciting and that as a career, is not out of the reach of our underserved community.

Is Training Provided?
Yes, GMiS provides training for all the College Captains scheduled to serve any of its programs. GMiS trains College Captains how to help students hone in on the basic math and science skills that are being articulated in the activities, and how to extrapolate these skills to a broader skill set as an engineer or scientist. In addition, GMiS holds an extensive College Captain In-Service, in Los Angeles, for new and continuing College Captains, who support events and activities in Southern California.

Who Can Become a College Captain?
Undergraduate or graduate students, enrolled full-time, in any field of study, preferably a science, technology, engineering, or math field, at any accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university, across the United States. Students must have a passion and desire to work in an underserved community and low to underperforming schools. Students do not have to speak Spanish, but that is a plus.

Benefits of being College Captain:

  • Cash Stipend – College Captains are compensated for their time depending on the extent of their service and level of experience as a College Captain
  • Deans Letter – GMiS acknowledges your support to its K-12 programs through an annual letter that is sent to your college dean
  • HENAAC Scholarship – College Captains, who are eligible for the HENAAC scholarships, receive additional consideration in the review process
  • Travel Grants – College Captains receive additional consideration in the selection process that awards travel grants to the annual HENAAC Conference
  • Networking – College captains have the opportunity to network with STEM professionals, who serve as professional role models alongside the College Captains

How to Sign Up as a College Captain:
If you are interested in being considered as a College Captain, please email

with the following information:

  • Name
  • Classification (F, So, Jr, Sr, Mast, Doct)
  • Major
  • Institution
  • Experience in K-12 Outreach