GMiS Competitions

Great Minds in STEM believes that the most effective way of getting students excited about STEM fields and developing a passion for STEM, beyond traditional classroom learning, is STEM competitions. Along with drawing upon a student's technical aptitude, competitions require students to focus on teamwork, communication and time management, the 21st Century soft skills often not taught in the classroom. At GMiS, there are three competitions for students to engage:

GMiS College Bowl     The GMiS College Bowl, held at the GMiS Conference, is a 24-hour high, energy competition, which engages students in a series of soft skills competitions in teams sponsored by various corporations and government agencies. As a "live resume," students must showcase their leadership, teamwork, communication, logic and reasoning to complete the assigned tasks. Often, students walk away with internships and/or full-time employment.
GMiS Research Posters Competition     The GMiS Research Posters Competition, held at the GMiS Conference, provides undergraduate and graduate students, from traditionally underserved and underrepresented ethnic/racial backgrounds in STEM, the opportunity to showcase their technical research. Students, who have completed or are currently performing research as part of their dissertation, thesis, senior design, co-op, internship or summer research experience are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract and present a research poster. Presenter posters are evaluated by STEM professionals in academia, industry or government. In the past, some presenters have been offered internship or full-time R&D opportunities by the sponsors or judges.
U.S. Army CCDC HBCU/MI Design Competition     Science and engineering talent and capability lie at the heart of the Army’s ability to field the world’s most advanced and capable ground fighting forces. To maintain this combat edge, it is vital that the Army attracts students from a wide variety of academic and personal backgrounds to ensure it stays on the forefront of discovery and innovation.

Under the competition, travel support, materials and prizes are provided to undergraduate student teams to participate in a research design competition in topic areas of Army interest.