Senior Executive Session

The Senior Executive Session (SES) is an exclusive convening of high ranking leaders from corporate America, government, military and academia. The session provides a forum to network and discuss innovative strategies that work to broaden the participation of U.S. underserved populations in a globally competitive technology-based economy. Participation in the session conveys to a national audience the critical importance of consistently preparing U.S. students to pursue STEM careers and close the technological achievement gap to sustain the U.S. as the leader in innovation.

The heart of this discussion is finding the domestic talent pool to meet the STEM demands. Furthermore, the focus of this session will be to look beyond the current state of practice in hiring and engaging STEM talent and provide corporations and government with potential solution to broadening the STEM talent pool. Since the majority of college students in America are at state public colleges and universities, community colleges, local partnerships, and public state universities offer a tremendous opportunity for finding the STEM talent pool “to Keep America Technologically Strong and Globally Competitive.”