Together, as we continue to meet “Every, Challenge, Every Frontier,” GMiS is here to help support the STEM Career Pathway of our underrepresented and underserved communities in their quest to push technical boundaries, innovate new horizons, and advance diversity and inclusion. Despite the challenges of this global pandemic, GMiS continues to be inspired and encouraged by the resilience of our students to achieve academic excellence and be outstanding leaders in their community. We are proud to have been able to bring together so many diverse brilliant minds, who are dedicated to solving today’s technical challenges at the forefront of the 4th Technological Revolution.

We invite you to continue to visit our GMiS Conference Portal to access Webinar and event recordings, HENAAC Honorees Showcases, 2020 Class of GMiS STEM Scholars and Outstanding Student Leaders, and the virtual GMiS Research Posters Exhibit Hall.

Best Wishes to All and Continue to Be Safe!

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